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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 27, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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daily" starts right now. in it's tuesday, jeb bush isn't the only republican showing frustration in the field. john kasich just lashed out, calling the competition crazy and saying he's about had it with these people. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good evening from washington. we'll go right to south carolina, richland county sheriff's office is holding a presser right now on that disturbing video from a school that you've been watching all day. columbia high school. let's dip in where we saw a police officer caught on camera, slamming a female student to the ground and dragging her across the classroom. they're answering questions right now. >> we started our investigation.
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our investigation is an internal investigation dealing only with policy violations. it has nothing to do with any criminal wrong-doings at all. we're looking at, did the officer act properly, did he act in relationship to the training that we provide, did he follow all of our policy and procedures. that's what internal affairs investigation is doing. and the results of that will determine his further employment here. he has been suspended without pay. i know there's been some discussions on which way that was. i want to make sure we're clear on that. he has been suspended without pay and that happened yesterday once all this was brought to our attention. yesterday after it was brought to my attention, i placed a call to the special agent in charge of the fbi for south carolina. he was actually at the same conference that i was at. and the purpose of that call was to ask the fbi to take over and do a criminal investigation. also had a conversation with the
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united states attorney, william nettles, and followed up with a written request to dave thomas, the fbi special agent in charge, and also the u.s. attorney, followed up with a written request this morning, asking them to investigate this as a civil rights violation, or whatever violation that they deem is appropriate. i felt that it was very important that i do that very quickly. i don't want anybody in richland county or anywhere in the world to say this is not being handled properly. that's why i've asked for a very independent, outside agency that we all respect and know that does a very thorough and fair investigation to handle this. that's why i've asked the fbi to come in and do it. they've agreed. they've opened up a civil rights investigation. they've already started their investigation. we'll fully cooperate with them and provide anything that they need. their timetable, i can't tell you. that's their investigation. they will handle that.
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the timetable on the internal investigation should be finished within probably the next 24 hours. within the next 24 hours, i'll have the results of our internal investigation and at that point i'll make my decision on whether the deputy will continue to be employed here or not. i can't tell you now. i haven't seen results. i just got back in town. i haven't had a chance to get up to speed on everything. i will do that and then hopefully by tomorrow, i'll be able to stand here before you and all the citizens of richland county and give you the decision that i've reached based on our internal affairs investigation. again, this is very disturbing. we've seen one video. we've seen two videos, and now i've learned there is a third video. we have a third one that's come forward now, another child -- or student in that class, videoed it also, from a different angle and it shows a different
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perspective. it actually shows the student hitting the school resource officer with a fist and striking him. now, what she does is not what i'm looking at. what i'm looking at is what our school resource officer did. what was his actions? what did he do? that's where i'll make my determination, based on that. so even though she was wrong for disturbing the class, even though she refused to abide by the directions of the teacher, the school administrator, and then also the verbal commands of our deputy, i'm looking at what our deputy did. what was seen on the video, on all the videos, and also what the witness statements. we've gotten statements from the teacher, from the assistant principal that was there. that will be in the whole packet that i'll look at and make my determination. again, just like anybody else that saw it, i'm very disturbed
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by it. we're going to handle it appropriately and very quickly. this is not something that should drag out. this is a priority for our internal affairs division. they've been working on it since yesterday. and again, i feel like by tomorrow i should have the results of that. but to go back to the fbi investigation, that is something i really felt like i needed to make that request very quickly and i appreciate the fbi and united states attorney's office agreeing to take over that investigation and conduct that investigation very quickly and look forward to whatever their results. questions. >> sheriff, if you're talking about a third video, is there ever a scenario in which one of your deputies does not necessarily feel his life is in danger, that it's okay to do what he did? >> well, i don't want to comment right now until this is over with, but i think you understand when i say i'm disturbed by it also. you should be able to read
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between the lines on that. but again, i want to get the official results from our internal affairs. >> and my follow-up question to that, that will be part of the investigation, the fact that she did, according to this video, punch the deputy? >> well, to me, that's really not relevant. what's relevant is his actions. wh what did he do and how did he conduct himself when he made the arrest. that's what i'm looking at. i'm very concerned about her disrupting school and not allowing the teacher to teach and the kids to learn. i'm concerned about that, but that's not might responsibility right now. my responsibility is the appropriateness of the deputy's actions. that's what i'm looking at. >> sheriff, what other criteria will you be looking at when you're making your evaluation as to whether or not he properly applied force? >> did he follow the procedures that we teach. and they'll look at the video
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and they're the ones who teach on the proper techniques and they'll give me the report on whether he followed the proper techniques he's been taught at the sheriff's department. >> for out of town folks, can you talk broadly about the sro program, how long it's been in place, how many officers are in how many schools, et cetera. >> we have 87 school resource officers, the largest in the state. every school in richland county have a school resource officer assigned to them. some of the high schools have two school resource officers. i've been sheriff for 19 years, and we've had these officers in our schools ever since i've been elected sheriff. by and large, they do a great job every single day. their jobs there is to build relationships with the kids, make sure the school is a safe environment. they're there as educators, to
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teach kids things that you might not learn from a book about math, but life skills. some are dangerous with gangs and drugs. some of them are teachers, some of them are coaches. this school resource officer was one of the football coaches for spring valley high school. we want them involved in the school as a positive role model. but they're also there to assist administrators and teachers to make sure it's a good, safe, learning environment. that's what kids go to school for, to learn. >> there was concerns raised by many of the community about the sro program and whether the officer should have been in the room to begin with. is that something that going forward you will look into as well, and there were claims that she suffered injuries, lacerations and broken bones. do you have anything on that? >> i have no knowledge of that. to my knowledge, she wasn't injured whatsoever. she may have had a rug burn or something like that, but she was
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not injured. as far as the officer being there, i have some concerns about that too. i think sometimes our officers are put in very difficult positions when a teacher can't control a student, is that our responsibility to go in there and remove that student? or is that the responsibility of the teacher or the school administration to do that? unfortunately, our legislature calls for if a student disturbs school, and that's a wide range of activity, disturbing schools, they can be arrested. our goal has always been, let's see what we can do without arresting the kids. we don't need to arrest these students. we need to keep them in schools. that's why we have so many alternative programs to do that. should that officer have been called to get involved? that's something the school district's going to have to answer. we've had discussions about that in the past, you know, is it proper to call an sro to come in and discipline a child?
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is that our job? or is that the school's job? >> sheriff lott, do you have any procedures that could be put in place after this investigation for sro officers? >> that's what we'll look at. we'll go back and look at what he did and reexamine it and see if there's changes that we need to make. i don't know, maybe one of the first ones just jumped out at me is maybe all the other students should have been removed from the classroom so they wasn't present when this happened. and that's not to prevent them from video recording it, but maybe they just shouldn't need to be in there. we didn't know at what point it could have escalated. so why have the other students in there? that's a decision we'll have to make with the school. the school may not want to disrupt the class by taking all the students out. we'll reexamine everything and make sure our policies are sound, and if we need to change something and improve it, we'll definitely do that. >> sheriff, you spoke of training. could you give us an idea of
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what the training is in a case like this, and maybe what he should have done in a case like this? >> i'm not going to address what he should have done. i'll let the investigation speak for that and then i'll speak toward that once i make my decision in the internal affairs investigation here. school resource officers go through specialized training. it's training above what a remember normal deputy has. our law in the state is that you can't be a school resource officer until you're certified, which means you have to go to a class. and these officers continuous education on how to be a school resource officer. and this officer in question was certified, he'd been through the training and was up to date on all his training. >> how did he get placed there? how does that happen? does he apply for it? >> no, sometimes they kind of move their way up. he started at a middle school. and then when an opening came up to a high school, we moved him up. sometimes they go straight to
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high school. it's a joint decision that's made between us and the school districts. >> we've been listening to sheriff leon lott to describe what he's waiting for before making a decision about the student resource officer who was caught on tape dragging a student out of a classroom in a violent and disturbing video. he indicated that a third video has come up that indicates the student was purcha student was punching the officer. and he said he would decide what would happen to the officer just based on the officer's actions himself. he's also on leave without pay, was another headline from that news there. let me bring in charles hadlock from columbia, south carolina, who has been covering this story all day and listening to the sheriff. charles, what else do you feel like he filled in the blanks on for us? >> well, he also said that he's
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not looking at the criminal charges in this case. he's simply looking at, did his officer act within the rules of his training? that's what the sheriff is going to be looking at. and he sort of indicated, if you read between the lines, his words that you know his answer. he has turned the criminal investigation over to the fbi and the justice department, both of whom have said they will begin their investigation and also the richland county school district 2 said it asked the state police to investigate the matter as well, chuck. >> what's interesting, he brought up a law that south carolina has, that basically you can be arrested for disturbing school. >> that's right. >> that obviously will factor into this investigation. >> it will, and it also brings up the subject of, when does a disruptive student, a disobedient student become a criminal act? that's the question that the school is going to have to answer as the police -- as the sheriff there said. it's a question that people have
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been asking all day long, why couldn't school administrators handle this? why did did the police have to get involved with a disorderly student? chuck? >> there will be a lot of questions, no doubt. that seemed to be a beaten-down sheriff in that press conference. charles hadlock, thank you very much. turning now to another big headline of the day, outside of the political realm. it was in asia, where chinese officials accused the united states of deliberate provocation after it trekked a destroyer within 12 miles of these artificial islands china has been building to lay more claim to the south china sea. the incident occurred in the contested waters of the south china sea, near the spratly islands. china's foreign minister called the u.s. actions illegal and a threat. joining us now, jim miklaszew i
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miklaszewski. this has been something that some in the administration and on capitol hill have been demanding that the u.s. navy do this months ago. why now and will we see more of this? >> i think why now is because the pressure was building on the obama administration to do something about this. you know, the chinese have really re-created three man-made islands there, and built air strips to two of them, claiming 12-mile territorial waters around each. now this exercise today was an exhibit of free navigation, open navigation of international waters. and that's what this -- the u.s. destroyer lesson was attempting to do. now, there was no direct encounter between the u.s. and the chinese military, during almost the entire operation. it wasn't until the lasson was leaving that the chinese sent a message for them to leave. now the chinese immediately responded, saying it was a
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violation of chinese sovereign territory and it threatened the peace and stability of the entire region, chuck. >> well, i can tell you, in my travels with the president, covering him, when we went to the philippines, when we went to these asian conferences, vietnam would complain about this, the philippines, japan. our allies were putting a ton of pressure on the united states to try to do something about this. let me flip to another story -- go ahead. >> it's not only about the right of navigation, but it's about the apparent chinese militarization of the entire south china sea that has everybody in the region upset. >> let me flip to this other story, i know you've been following up on it all day that the white house is weighing deeper military involvement in syria in this fight against isis. here's what the man you cover every day, secretary of defense ash carter told the senator arm armed services committee earlier today about the idea of putting some real boots on the ground. >> we won't hold back from
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supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil or conducting such missions directly, whether strikes in the air or direct action on the ground. >> shortly after he dropped that bombshell on capitol hill, there was some pushback from some administration officials, no, we're not talking about combat, boots on the ground there in iraq. but later in the day, white house officials revised that to say they have no intention of committing u.s. troops to any long-term combat. that's quite differently. and this step is actually a huge one. because up until now, all those u.s. military forces had been confined to three separate military bases. they couldn't even go forward to pick out, pinpoint, and choose targets for the aircraft so they could drop bombs more accurately. so this is a huge step, and quite frankly, the white house
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takes some -- they have a problem with the term boots on the ground. and i think it's because, if you remember, president obama pledged there would be no bootss on the ground. but if you talk to the military, if they're on the ground, they're under fire, and returning fire, they're not only in combat, those are boots on the ground. >> well, sounds like it's what the military wanted, but i can tell you, there are others that will say the phrase mission creep. >> absolutely. it feels that way, certainly. >> it certainly does. thank you very much. coming up, the speaker's deal on the budget -- the old speaker, that is. it has the new speaker in waiting, we think, paul ryan, speaking out. it's a lot of speaking here, huh? we'll have more reaction to the budget compromise and the state of the speaker's race. that's all up next. and the republican presidential candidates are weighing in on their economic plans during tomorrow's debate. and cnbc's carl quintanilla and becky quick, two of the moderators for tomorrow night's debate will join me for a preview.
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each week it feels there's a new sense of urgency in this presidential race, but boy it' . amped up. john kasich today has gone full bull worth, he hit everybody known to man in this debate kickoff rally that he held in his home state of ohio. he didn't name anybody, but he hit bush, carson, trump, cruz. wait until you hear it. we'll have a lot more of it in the lid. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights.
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whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ even during the holidays, you think it smells jolly,dors. [inhales] grunts but your guests disagree... music starts febreze air effects doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've gone noseblind to [inhales] mmm break out the febreze, [inhale + exhale mnemonic] and breathe happy. well, house leadershipship has scheduled a vote on the big budget compromise deal for tomorrow. some conservatives have been quick to pounce on this agreement, not happy at all. congressman and freedom caucus member mark meadow says he calls on all candidates running for speaker of the house to oppose the legislation and go on the record showing they do not
2:23 pm
support it. lame duck speaker, lame deal, gop congress again kreeds commshl prerogative and works with dems to jack up spending. joining me from capitol hill one of the deal's opponents, republican congress raul labrador. and the potential speaker in waiting, the or the leading candidate bei candidate, paul ryan, did come out against how the deal was negotiated. the substance of the deal, is there any part of the deal that you're okay with? >> there's nothing about it that is good. it's being sold that it's a victory on entitlement reform. it's not. it's shifting money from social security and putting it into
2:24 pm
social security/disability. so we're taking money away from people who are retiring, and giving the president a 15-month debt limit increase, without any positive changes to the entitlement programs or the way we're doing business in washington, d.c. >> the speaker will make this argument that it's giving economic certainty for the rest of the year which is important for business and job creation. >> i disagree. it's emblematic of the failed leadership of john boehner. he goes into a room, negotiates with three or four people, comes to the house of representatives on monday evening and tells us he's going to put something on the floor at midnight on monday and we have less than 48 hours to look at it and to actually debate it and to actually do anything about it. i think that's why he needed to go. he's a good man, who was not ready -- whose time had come so he could move on.
2:25 pm
>> what should paul ryan, should he become the next speaker, what should he take away from this negotiation and how this went down? >> well, one of the things that paul ryan said when he was speaking to us on the freedom caucus and he was speaking to the conference, is that he would never allow a deal like this to happen. he would start talking about a deal like this three months ahead of time. think about this, chuck. we have known that the debt limit was coming up for over a year, and we get a deal two days before it's time to pass it. we should have been talking about this in conference. we should have had meetings. we should have had the committees, the jurisdiction actually work on these deals. that's why the washington system is broken. that's why constituents are so frustrated with what's happening in washington, d.c., and that's why there has been a wholesale rejection of the leadership in washington. 62% of americans think that the republican leadership has betrayed them, and i think they have a right to feel that way. >> that's just among republicans too. you are citing a correct poll
2:26 pm
number. very quickly, do you think this impacts the support for paul ryan in the conference, or will he get a pass on this since this wasn't him? >> i don't know that -- i keep hearing that phrase whether he'll get a pass. i think he needs to be able to justify how he's voting, but i know he made a really strong statement this morning that he was opposed to the approach, he was opposed to the way the deal came about, he was opposed to the way it was negotiated, that under new leadership this was not going to happen. i think you've been following this really closely, chuck. that's what we have been asking for in the house freedom caucus, is that we need to make sure that we have a leader who understands that the process is blo broken here and we need to change it. >> so you're giving paul ryan the benefit of the doubt for now? >> for now. >> congressman, thank you. coming up, donald trump said he doesn't know about ben carson's religion. he's a seventh day adventist.
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well, we'll help him and others learn a little bit about this religion. we've invited from leadership from the religious organization to help explain the history of seventh day adventist. you're watching "mtp daily," we'll be right back. having new experiences. are you ready? the key to a happy satisfying life is to always be curious. jibo, how are you doing? i'm great! every moment is our moment. are you enjoying this? it's been such a whirlwind. i want to get to know people and understand their ideas about everything. so you can too. needs a systems check and tires. treads, what you got? lookin' a little bald, sir. with all due respect. got the perfect fit -- ready to roll. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. right now during the big tire event, get a $140 mail-in-rebate on four select tires at your ford dealer.
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. up next, a preview of tomorrow night's cnbc republican debate, but first, let's go to hampton pearson for the market wrap. >> stocks in the red, the dow falls 41 points. s&p down by 5. the nasdaq sheds four points. shares of twitter are sharply lower after hours. revenues and earnings beat estimates but fourth quarter guidance disappointed. sending the stock down about 10%. also reporting after the bell, apple, the company's results came in better than expected. it sold 48 million iphones and
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it's being billed as the economy debate, but tomorrow night's gop showdown is likely to be about that and much more. the billionaire businessman donald trump is on the defensive, with his lead slipping to the other outsider in the race, dr. ben carson. jeb bush is trying for serious attention, releasing his entitlement plan today. but still fending off questions about his remark over the weekend that he's got other cool things he could be doing besides running for president. then there's marco rubio in the cross hairs at a closed door briefing last night. bush campaign officials branded
2:35 pm
rubio a gop obama. wasn't meant to be a compliment in the crowd, although some rubio supporters have said, obama won twice, so i'll take it. still it's perhaps a signal of attacks to come. for more on what's ahead, i'm joined by carl quintanilla and becky quick. becky and carl, i'm looking forward to tomorrow. >> we are looking forward to it too. >> becky, let me start with you. you guys, on one hand, what is your philosophy about trying to stick to what you want to do, get some topics in there, versus what it feels to me, are at least half the field very desperate for their own moment and wanting to do nothing but sort of steamroll you guys? >> you know, i think we've been looking at this as a way of really trying to get across, go in depth on a lot of issues that we want to hear things on. i think you're right, there are going to be people who feel like
2:36 pm
this is their moment and if they don't make a splash now, it's bad news for them. so it's going to be a bit of a rodeo, but we're ready for that. >> earlier i was asked about this. i'm calling the debates the 5-hour energy drinks of campaigns, because as we've seen from carly, you do get a sustained bounce, it doesn't last forever. but as the race appears to be getting more serious, a little tighter, people want to have their moment, maybe more now than ever, and that's going to have them playing more offense than defense. >> and some of them need to, just to bring in big donors. >> what about parts of colorado's political landscape are you going to try to infuse into this, whether it's latinos, immigration, marijuana, where are you going here? >> you know, it's funny, she's laughing because a spoke to a poly sci class this morning at boulder, and they asked me, are there issues close to our heart, so to speak, that you want to get done? i said, we are in colorado, so pot. and the room erupted with
2:37 pm
applause. so there's very much, you've been to boulder, you know campuses in general, but especially this one, given this debate and a lot of them are upset they're going to be indoors and watching on television. they're going to want to see things addressed that you wouldn't ordinarily think. >> we could make a case of what -- of a bunch of international issues that fall under the umbrella of the economy. so how targeted are you going to try to make this? how much of this is about middle class economics? is that your goal, to divide it up into sections like that? >> we've definitely had topics that we've drilled down on. i think you're right. we start talking about money and you can take that in any direction. you could talk international or go different directions. but one of the things we're trying to do is drill down a little bit and make issues that sound a little crazy, understandable for everybody who will be sitting at home watching
2:38 pm
this. you hear the word deficit ceiling and your eyes glaze over. i want to make sure people understand that. >> and i also think it's happening on a week where we'll get movement on debt ceiling. there's a fed meeting tomorrow where they may or may not raise rates. who knows. so this whole apparatus is like jumping onto a moving train, it's right out of indiana jones because the news cycle is going as fast as we can move it. >> on indiana jones, when he jumped on the moving train, he fell into a snake pit. >> yes. >> there you go. what's keeping you up at night? >> i just want to make sure that we anticipate all of the different issues. we've heard from so many people with issues near and dear to their hearts. we have issues that are near and dear to our hearts. that keeps me up, just trying to cram it all in, without being too superficial. >> maintaining order, and the
2:39 pm
unknown, chuck. you know, these things are so well constructed in advance, but i don't think you can ever plan completely. you can't take risk to zero, something unexpected will happen, either on stage or in the audience. >> that's the fun of it. i haven't had any caffeine since i got here. >> you always want your debate to happen when there's a big moment in the campaign. i think we -- everybody acknowledges this might be a perilous moment for quite a few candidates on that stage. so you guys got your hands full. >> chuck, we're really looking forward to seeing you out here tomorrow too. >> i'm making it. i'm on the last plane to boulder, i think, tonight. so i'll look forward to it. will you leave the light on for me, somewhere? >> we'll still be up, don't worry. >> carl and becky, everybody will be familiar with them after tomorrow night. good luck. get some sleep if you can. >> thanks, chuck. cnbc's republican
2:40 pm
presidential debate kicks off tomorrow night. the undercard debate is at 6:00 eastern and the main event is at 8:00 eastern, all taking place in boulder, colorado, because when you think of republicans, you think of boulder. i'm kidding. still ahead, donald trump says he didn't know about ben carson's religion. well, we're going to try to provide some answers from an elder in the seventh day adventist church. he's on the show next, stay tuned. armin ultra strong. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less. armin ultra strong. enjoy the go with charmin. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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the middle ground politically these days. mitt romney carried the ruby red state with 60% of the vote in 2012. but check out this new poll. you may think we're not in red kansas anymore. republican governor sam brownback has a lower approval rating than president obama right now. just 18% approve of the job the governor's doing, compared to a somewhat meek 28% that the president is doing. not exactly stellar for him either. but in brownback's second term as governor he and the republican legislature have been attempting to turn kansas to what he called an experiment. slashing taxes for individuals and businesses, as an attempt to jump-start economic growth. well, it hasn't worked yet. or at all so far. and brownback's been forced to fund education with things like raising the cigarette and sales taxes in order to count a massive deficit, $600 million.
2:43 pm
it's something that explains why he's been so unpopular so far. up next, donald trump said he didn't know about the seventh day adventist church. well, we are going to talk to a seventh day adventist elder who is going to explain the history of the church. whatever you're doing, plan well and enjoy life... ♪ or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company... go long. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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what's in your wallet? diis critical for brain health?n brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. dr. ben carson is still ahead in national polling and leads in iowa. the retired neurosurgeon was on "meet the press" in march and said his religion is central to his person. >> i personally believe that a person's religious beliefs are the things that make them who they are.
2:46 pm
gives them a direction in their life. but i do not believe that religious belief should dictate one's public policies and stances. >> carson is a seventh day adventist, and while he has shied away from connecting his religious principles with policy, speaking openly with his faith is a cornerstone of his campaign, and it appears to be resonating with voters, especially evangelicals. in our own nbc news survey, 33% of white evangelical republican voters support him, that's better than trump and everybody else in the field. white evangelicals make up 56% of republican caucus goers, or they did in 2012. to learn more about the faith that guides ben carson, i'm joined by elder alex bryant, the executive secretary of the seventh day adventist. elder bryant, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. it's good to be here.
2:47 pm
>> let's just go with some basic history here. give me -- i mean, i know it started in the 19th century, but give me the brief elevator history of the church in this country. >> the seventh day adventist church was started in new england area of this country, started out of their belief that jesus christ was coming soon, and out of that belief, they were given the name adventists, because many other christian faiths were not teaching that at the particular time, and it slowly grew. they had a disappointment because they had thought he was going to come at a particular time. but they still hung on strongly to the belief that jesus would come. so the movement became a denomination in 1863, and the seventh day adventist church grew out of the protestant faith and community. >> so this is a sect of christianity. like we went through this debate about mormonism and some
2:48 pm
christians who say -- this is sector christianity, period, hard stop? >> absolutely. the seventh day adventist church believes strongly as the christian faith community believes, the death and resurrection of jesus christ and everybody is based on that belief. >> and in my research, there's clearly a tight tie with the abolitionist movement at that time, correct? >> there are some ties to the abolition movement at the time as we go into our history. some were seventh day adventists. >> in many ways, there's a large african american membership in seventh day adventist. and does it trace back to that time, being that they were on the side of the abolitionists? >> yes, but also because they connect very closely with many of the truths of the seventh day adventist church. in fact, today we're about 32% african american in this country. >> what was your reaction when you heard donald trump just start making it seem as if it's
2:49 pm
something, oh, what is this denomination that i've never heard of? >> well, i thought donald trump gave us an opportunity to tell about the seventh day adventist and who we are, what we're about, what we believe, what we stand for. that we're seventh day adventist christians who believe passionately in jesus christ and who have been established to help spread his message and love to the world. >> i've not known this church to be very political. how would you describe the church's foray into american politics? >> the church in its history, and until now, has had a very, very strong emphasis on religious liberty and separation of church and state. we believe the church should be the church and not be involved in politics. and we do not use the church for any political platform. we've never endorsed any candidate as a corporate body, and we still continue to hold to
2:50 pm
that even though there's a seventh day adventist running. >> i was going to say with dr. carsonas candidacy, do you sense more excitement in the community, or is there trepidation or a little bit of both. >> probably excitement. because in the seventh-day adventist church, we have people of all political persuasions, from the far left and far right and everything in between. so we allow people to follow their political convictions, but what holds us together as a family and as a church is our mission and the message we believe god has given us for this time. >> one difference is the sabbath being from saturday night to friday night. i'm jewish, that's our sabbath as well. is that just something from the old testament that the founders decided to carry forward? >> it's not only in the old testament, it's grounded in the very beginning of creation, when on genesis, chapter 2, when dgo created the earth, he also established the sabbath. we find that through the old
2:51 pm
testament. we believe that jesus followed the sabbath, kept the sabbath in the new testament, and we also find that his disciples, his apostles are still keeping the sabbath. so it has a rich history and consistency throughout the bible from genesis the revelations. >> elder alex brian, i appreciate you coming on to help educate some folks that maybe didn't know enough about your religion. >> thank you. it was a joy being here. >> got it. up next in "the lid," john kasich becomes the latest republican to sort of go bullworth on the rest of the field. wait until you hear what he said about the rest of his opponents coming up in "the lid." i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore.
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2:55 pm
back now with more "mtp daily." and it's time for "the lid." ohio governor john kasich came out swinging today, pretty much at everybody. take a look at what he said, clearly referring to jeb bush. >> one of the candidates says he's known as a veto kor lee yoen. he's so proud of the fact that he vetoes everything. you know what vetoes are? vetoes are a sign that you can't get what you want. i have to veto some legislation, but by and large, we try to work together to solve problems. i'm fed up. i am sick and tired of listening to this nonsense and i'm going to have to call it like it is, as long as i'm in this race. >> so, it's a new john kasich,
2:56 pm
saying he's going to go on offense ahead of the debate. joining me now is beth reinhart and nathan gonzalez. beth, this is now 48 hours after jeb said he has a lot of other cool things he could be doing than dealing with this. if you want to demonize people, go ahead and elect trump. clearly, he's frustrated. that's a frustrated candidate. my goodness, who in the establishment is going to keep their head from blowing up? >> well, this is not going the way they planned and they're not really sure what to do at this point. i think my sense from the bush camp is that they think going after guys like donald trump and ben carson, that there's not a lot of value in that at this point. that people in jeb world and in other camps, too, talking about winning their lane, you know? and that would mean sort of the more moderate establishment than this friendly republican. and that lane are guys like john
2:57 pm
kasich, but also marco rubio, to a lesser extent, chris christie. >> nathan, let me play you more, because there's more to this, in case you might imagine. here's a little bit more. >> let me tell you something. i've about had it with these people. we've got one candidate that says that we've got to abolish medicaid and medicare. have you ever heard anything as crazy as that? we've got one guy who says we ought to take 10 million or 11 million people and pick 'em up, i don't know whether we're going to go in their homes, in their apartments, we're going to pick 'em up and scream at the border and scream at them to get out of our country? that's just skracrazy. that is just crazy. we've got people proposing health care reform that's going to leave, i believe, millions of people without adequate health insurance. what has happened to our party? >> so, i don't -- i wanted to let people know, it wasn't just bush he was going after. i believe he's not name-checking carson, not name-checking trump,
2:58 pm
not name-checking cruz in there. one guy, one guy, one guy. if he's going to go off on them, you think he would call them by name. >> you mention this being the new john kasich. i think some ohio republicans would say, this is actually the old john kasich, the john kasich we know and we're starting to get a little bit of a glimpse into that. i think this race is a marathon rather than a sprint, but i think there's a sense of desperation that's hitting some of these candidates, saying, if i don't make up some ground now, the race will be over. >> that's what strikes me here, beth. and in "the washington post" yesterday, the story was remarkable, a guy frustrated with the senate and throws up his hands. one of the critiques of president obama is he threw up his hands and he isn't -- you know, when he's rejected a third time, doesn't try to go a fourth time. are we learning something about jeb, kasich, and rubio that maybe they can't take the heat right now? >> well, the comparison between rubio and obama is one that the jeb bush folks have been making
2:59 pm
and are going to continue to make, perhaps, you know, in a very sharp way in the debate. i was in houston over the weekend, where jeb had a fund-raiser, and they did a slide presentation where they described marco rubio as a republican obama. that was behind closed doors. however, they gave the reporters the slide presentation. so they clearly wanted that out there. that's their talking point. >> what's interesting about that, there's no love for obama in the republican party, but say, well, he's republicans, obama says, okay, you won two -- >> why is this -- >> is this a negative attack or a compliment item. >> but are voters -- there's this -- like i said, i go back to this fine line of showing frustration, but showing hopelessness. you can't tell the voters it's hopeless. >> i think -- i mean, there's certainly a segment of the republican electorate that's frustrated. and all the candidates want to
3:00 pm
tap into that, but it's about where are you directing that frustration? right now, i think if you're trump, if you're ted cruz, you're hitting some of the key demons of the republican party in trying to get that support. >> i have to say, these guys are some -- it's going to be a loosy goosy bunch tomorrow night. anyway, good to see you both. that's it for today. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily" live from boulder, colorado. richard wolffe picks up our coverage right now. >> right now on "msnbc live," we're keeping an eye on the one man who could derail the brand-new budget agreement, senator ted cruz. another new poll shows donald trump slipping to second place. what he needs to do tomorrow night to snatch back his lead. and them's fighting words. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and accusations of sexism. hello. i'm richard wolffe. we begin tonight with a major development in washington.


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